Guys, so I have this theory that Celia might be evil. Remember how in TIT, how Call didn't know (and still doesn't know)what her last name was, and how despite that, he still knows the full names of some really minor characters, like Kai? 


If Celia is that important to the story, we should probably know what her full name is.


Also.... Celia seems way too nice. I know Aaron was nice, but at least he could still defend himself sometimes. Celia is all compliments and smiles and stuff. 


But wait! There's more! Notice how, in the TCG especially, Celia has a mad crush on Call and goes on walks with him and how Call tells her about his life during those walks? Well, remember how one day, Call didn't go with her and Celia was really disappointed? Like, she acted more disappointed than your average person and I don't think it was because she got less Call time. Plus, Celia broke up with Call way too easily. 


This is probably just another lame fan theory that I made up and probably means nothing... but you never know if Holly and Cassie might pull another 180 like they did with Alex.....

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