Dear Alex Strike,


Before I met you, my reading life was perfectly happy. Sure, there were ups and downs, twists and turns, but what you have done, is just crazy. You don't just kill someone after being their friend for three years. Like yeah, I get it. Sebastian betrayed Clary, but he'd only known her for like... a month. Quirrel almost killed Harry, but again, they'd barely known each other. Luke poisoned Percy, but they had literally just met a few weeks earlier. But you. 


You were Call's and Aaron's and Tamara's friend for three whole years. You dated Tamara's sister. You played tennis with Aaron. Call trusted you. And what did you do in return?


It's been over six months, and I'm still not over it. 







PS: If any of you guys on the forums are reading this, then please put #aaronliveson in your signature. Thanks!

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My name is aquasunrise60


I'm a:






Water Mage

Child of Athena

Professional Human Being  









Yes, except... well.... Keefe.

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I am a Mudwing


I am an Unwanted


Earth Mage---Earth wants to bind


Hello fellow book geeks!




Long live Sam the bird.





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