The Iron Trial Entrance Exam

Iron trial exam screenshot 2

You have the potential to become a mage, but you’re not assured a place in the Magisterium yet. You are being tested to see if you possess the intrinsic magical qualities of an apprentice. This is not pony school — dangers abound. You may begin.

Magisterium Maze


The tangled network of underground tunnels that make up the Magisterium keep students in their rooms past curfew, but tonight you find yourself far outside your dorm. Can you find your way through the dark tunnels and get there safely? Beware of surprises lurking in the dark — large, winged surprises with teeth.

Rufus’s River Boat


Until you learn how to navigate the tunnels, the easiest way to get around the Magisterium is by boat. Coax the water to take you where you want to go and steer the boat true, or you’ll crash!